Advocates on ending the use of plastic disposable diapers

Biodegradable Nightmare

They say it will take 300-500 years for a plastic, disposable diaper to decompose. Mother Earth just shuddered!

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Biodegradable Nightmare

There is major relief in throwing out a stinky diaper… the nursery no longer smells like poo, your baby is fresh and clean and that up-the-backside-blow-out is nicely wrapped up, sealed shut, and in the trash. One diaper down, out of your life, and only, oh, what feels like a million more to go. But, just where did that one diaper actually go?

That one stinky diaper joined billions of its peers in a local landfill, where it will stay… and stay… aaaaaand, stay. In fact, that one diaper will outlive you on this earth by more than five of your lifetimes—and that’s if it’s lucky enough to land in a landfill where it won’t get buried and, like a plant, will get the sun and oxygen it needs (hah! because that’s likely). Disposable diapers need oxygen and sunlight to decompose, which landfills definitely don’t provide. And, even if a landfill did provide those things, that diaper would still take 500 years to decompose. 500 years! Without sunlight and oxygen, we don’t know how long it takes for a disposable diaper to decompose. Did you catch that? We are producing waste that may never break down, that may never go away, which means that one diaper will never be out of your life—or your great-great-great… grandchildren’s lives; not the legacy you had in mind for your precious pumpkin? (Just try feeling relieved when you throw out the next stinky diaper after reading this).

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Pay To Play

Consumers pay approximately $53 billion to diaper their children… or do they pay $53 billion to destroy the earth?

Going, Going, Gone!

Disposable diapers use 8.3 times more non-renewable materials than cloth diapers; once those resources are gone, they’re GONE!

Gross Groundwater

Our groundwater is contaminated with chemicals and feces leaching out plastic, disposable diapers.ICK!

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