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Catastrophic Chemicals

Plastic Disposable Diapers contain traces of Dioxin, Toluene, Xylene, Ethylbenzene & Dipentene! Are you kidding me?!

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Catastrophic Chemicals

"Put on a sweater, you’re going to catch a cold!" — Worry-Wart Parent

We love our parents, but we can remember plenty of times when their worrying got more than a little irritating (teenage years, anyone?). But, as parents ourselves, we can’t help but worry about our babies and try to protect them from every danger we possibly can. That said, you probably didn’t think about having to protect them from the dangers of their plastic, disposable diapers, did you?

Baby-soft skin isn’t particularly hardy; it doesn’t prevent the absorption of chemicals the same way an adult’s outer layer of skin does. Because of this, your baby is exposed to 50 different chemicals with each diaper you put on her, and some of them, like dioxin, are carcinogenic. In addition to cancer, dioxin has also been known to cause birth defects, skin and liver disease, and genetic damage in lab animals. And, guess what? Dioxin is found in almost every diaper brand. Other dangerous chemicals that have been removed from many other products that babies and adults use (and, yet, are still in plastic, disposable diapers) are phthalates, sodium polyacrylate, and tributyl tin (a heavy metal). These are all considered toxic and dangerous and have links to things like toxic shock syndrome, male sterility, and other hormonal disruptions. How is it possible that these chemicals are allowed in such ubiquitous products that come into such close and regular (24/7!) contact with our children?! It’s time to worry about these dangers—it’s time for change.

Oh, and put on a sweater while you’re at it... your parents have your best interests at heart.

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