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Disheartening Diaper Rash

My baby has a rash because of his plastic, disposable diapers!

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Diaper Rash

All parents know the tell-tale signs of diaper rash: that pitifully red, raw skin around your beautiful baby’s bottom, but how many parents know that the culprit behind this cringe-worthy breakout is your baby’s diaper?

Diaper rash is caused by excessive moisture against skin—in other words, diaper rash happens when your baby’s diaper keeps that pee so well contained that your child is sitting and lying in its own urine. It’s hard to fault a product for doing too good of a job (no leaks! hooray!), and, yet, isn’t there a flaw in the design of that product if one of the results of using it is an angry eruption of that baby-soft skin? We know that diaper rash is the product of plastic, disposable diapers because diaper rash wasn’t a problem before the 1940s, which is when diapers started to be made with plastic and rubber. We also know that babies who wear cloth diapers—made of breathable and natural cotton—don’t get nearly as many cases of diaper rash as those who wear their plastic counterparts. So, the only thing we don’t know is why no one has come up with a better diaper… one that doesn’t leak, sure, but one that isn’t leak-proof at the cost of your baby’s health.

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Gobs of Garbage

Plastic disposable diapers make up 50% of household waste!Holy garbage!

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Holy Osmosis

Babies’ skin is so sensitive it can absorb up to 50 chemicals with each plastic, disposable diaper change.HOLY OSMOSIS!


The makers of plastic disposable diapers won't tell you what chemicals and synthetics are in their materials list.Don't you want to know?Food, medicine, ointments, even apparel all are required by law to reveal their ingredient list.
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