Advocates on ending the use of plastic disposable diapers

Mountainous Heaps of Garbage

American babies soil 27.4 billion plastic, disposable diapers every year. 27.4 Billion pieces of trash! Where do they go?

Source: Real Diaper Association //

Diapers in Landfills

We all try not to think about landfills—disgusting, trash-filled places—but when we do think about them, how many of us know that disposable diapers are one of the top three things we’re likely to find in there behind newspapers and plastic bottles?

Almost all families in the United States (as many as 95% by some estimates!) use disposable diapers, which are one-use-only repositories made of plastic. Of consumer products, diapers are number three on the list of the crap we throw out—making those plastic crap-holders 50% of household waste. That means that 27.4 billion plastic poop and pee-filled diapers need disposing of every single year. Where do all those diapers go?!?

92.5% of those 27.4 billion diapers (which means more than 25.3 billion) go to landfills, where they stay. That’s right—those baby-bottom cover-ups are covering up our earth because disposable diapers don’t decompose. That means that somewhere out there in a mountainous heap of garbage, your precious baby’s poop lives on; heck, if your parents used disposable diapers, that means that your baby poop is still out there. How is this possible? Well, those plastic nappies aren’t designed to break down and landfills don’t provide the necessary conditions for diapers to decompose even if they were. (And, if you’re thinking that burning those diapers up might be a better option, think again: incineration produces toxic air emissions and toxic ash). So, instead, we have enough diapers in our landfills to go to the moon and back 9 times. While your daughter who dreams of being an astronaut might find that pretty cool, I think we can agree that the rest of us think that’s just gross.

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Going, Going, Gone!

Disposable diapers use 8.3 times more non-renewable materials than cloth diapers; once those resources are gone, they’re GONE!

Plastic Oceans

90% of all trash on the ocean’s surface is plastic, 46,000 pieces per square mile. These pieces outnumber sea life 6 to 1. Your baby’s diapers will kill Nemo before we can find him!

Pitiful Pollution

The manufacturing and incineration of plastic disposable diapers produces toxic air emissions and toxic ash!HOLY SMOKES!

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