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Offensive Oil Overload

50 pounds of petroleum feedstocks are used to produce plastic, disposable diapers for one baby each year! Oil in my baby’s diapers?! UGH!

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Oil Overload

What are two things you never want to think about as going together? Crude oil and your sweet baby’s bottom—it’s like the opposite of springtime showers and May flowers. And, yet, every single plastic, disposable diaper your baby uses takes an entire cup of that “black gold” to make because crude oil is the main ingredient in making polyethylene plastic. And, if you’re thinking that polyethylene plastic doesn’t make up that much of a disposable diaper, think again: it’s the top and bottom of your baby’s nappy. So, for an average day of disposable diaper changes, 6-8 cups of crude oil are used... kind of taints the idea of a new diaper being fresh and clean!

As a nation, we are using 3.4 billion gallons of oil every year to make plastic diapers that are terrible for the environment and not great for your baby’s bum, either. For 3,400,000,000 gallons of oil a year, we can power 5,222,000 cars. So, the next time you complain about gas prices ask yourself about the diaper industry’s oil usage. We have to make this stop. It’s time for babies and their diapers to go together like spring and new life, not like environmental detruction. It’s time for change!

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Disclose the Disgust

Diaper companies don’t have to disclose the ingredients they use in their diapers - products that cover your baby’s tush 24/7. How is this possible?!

Hiding The Truth

Why do you think big diaper companies don’t list their components/ingredients on their packaging? If you knew what was in them… you wouldn’t list them either!

Plastic Market

All major disposable diaper brands on the market today use plastic* in their diapers… even the eco-friendly ones. *polyethylene/polypropylene

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