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Paris Climate Agreement

Do you support the Paris Climate Agreement? Do your part and stop using plastic disposable diapers!

Paris Agreement

Do you support the Paris Climate Agreement? Do you also diaper your baby in plastic disposable diapers? If so, then you should keep on reading because you could be taking part in climate change by diapering your baby and you might have never known! And if you don’t support the agreement… keep on reading so maybe we can change your mind!

For those of you who are a little behind in the news, we're not judging… we know parenthood is time consuming. So here is a quick synopsis of what is going on in regards to the Paris Agreement:

The Paris Agreement has sparked a lot of controversy in the news the last couple of months because President Trump has stated that he is pulling the United States out of the agreement. He defended this move by saying it is supporting his America first policy and that pulling out of the agreement will help American businesses and workers, especially the fossil fuel industry.

Environmentalists have been up in arms saying that pulling the United States out of the agreement is a huge mistake, especially because we are the second greatest emitter of carbon dioxide behind China.

I bet you are saying to yourself "so how does diapering my baby in disposable diapers have anything to do with climate change?"" Well… it all stems down to fossil fuels: in order to make polyethylene plastic fossil fuels are needed like oil and natural gas which release toxic emissions when extracted from the Earth.

Did you know it takes 286 pounds of plastic to diaper one baby (including packaging)? And that one cup of crude oil is needed to make the polyethylene plastic for just one of your baby’s disposable diaper?

3.4 billion gallons of oil are used every single year to manufacture disposable diapers in the United States alone.

Therefore if you support the Paris Climate Agreement you should also support the discontinuance of plastic disposable diapers.

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