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Pay To Play

Consumers pay approximately $53 billion to diaper their children… or do they pay $53 billion to destroy the earth?

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Pay to Play

When you hear the word "home" what do you think of first? Is it your childhood home? The home where you raised your own family? The state you live in? Your country? Or… the Earth? If you said the Earth, my hats off to you, but I bet I’m not tipping my hat to many of you… if any!

The Earth should have been everyone's first answer, but unfortunately many of us take it for granted... including all you parents who have your baby wearing plastic disposable diapers!

Consumers are paying $53 billion to destroy our home, the one and only place where we can currently live.

Leading the fight to destroy the Earth are the 27.4 billion diapers taking over 500 years to decompose in landfills! American babies alone create 7.6 billion pounds of garbage annually, which is enough to stretch to the moon and back 9 times.

Ultimately, diapering your baby in a plastic disposable diaper sounds like a lose- lose to me… but many of you keep on doing it. So maybe I can change your mind after you learn what disposable diapers are doing to our planet:

200,000 trees each year are lost to the manufacture of disposable diapers for babies in the U.S. alone.

Manufacturing and incineration of disposable diapers produces toxic emissions and toxic ash. They also require large volumes of pulp, paper, plastic and other raw materials in the manufacturing process that require significant amounts of water and energy to be used. This contributes to energy waste and pollution on a large scale and also link to other problems associated with deforestation and unsustainable sourcing.

Without the Earth we would not be here. Simple. So why do we treat it like crap?

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