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Plastic Market

All major disposable diaper brands on the market today use plastic* in their diapers… even the eco-friendly ones. *polyethylene/polypropylene

Plastic Market

Take two seconds to Google what plastic grocery bags are made of... Polyethylene, that’s right, sounds like a pretty nasty name, well it is. How many of you have switched to paper or reusable bags, joining the movement to save our planet? I bet a lot of you have, which is good... but what if I told you that the same polyethylene you have stopped using, is actually in all of your baby's diapers? Yes, ALL of them, even the one’s that claim to be "eco-friendly."

And let’s not forget about polypropylene, or the "superhero of plastic" as many call it. So, if polypropylene is called the “superhero of plastic” shouldn’t it be good that it is in your baby’s diaper, protecting you from "shit-splosions"? NO! Polypropylene is more like a villain attacking your baby with diaper rash and exposing them to chemicals 24/7. So beware of polypropylene because it is used in every single disposable diaper. And to those of you who think you are safe by having your baby wear eco- friendly diapers like Honest or Seventh Generation... guess again.

So, why should you be concerned that your baby is practically wearing a grocery bag for a diaper? Well, if the phrase "grocery bag diaper" didn’t disgust you enough, here are some more facts to think about while you are putting a fresh diaper on your baby...

The plastic used in disposable diapers contains phthalates- a plastic softener (pretty much used to make you believe your baby’s diaper is not actually plastic). Phthalates are dangerous to babies: they were banned from teething rings and baby toys because of its toxicity. Phthalate is a chemical that acts as an endocrine disruptor which can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects and developmental disorders. Now do you really want that touching your baby 24/7?

Another issue with disposable diapers is that plastic retains body heat so when the plastic filled diaper is constantly rubbed against your baby’s skin it creates a rash.

And if you are reading this for the environmental chaos that plastic in diapers causes… here it is:

One cup of crude oil is needed to make the polyethylene plastic one baby’s diaper. That is over 238 gallons of crude oil to diaper just one baby!

Most plastic is made from fossil fuels like oil and natural gas which release toxic emissions when extracted from the earth. So creating the plastic for diapers is stinking up our environment just like diapers are stinking out your house!

Before you decide to put down that plastic bag at the grocery store think about putting down the plastic disposable diaper your baby is wearing!

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Landfills don’t provide the necessary conditions for my baby’s plastic diapers to decompose.No air! No Gasp!

Mountainous Heaps of Garbage

American babies soil 27.4 billion plastic, disposable diapers every year. 27.4 Billion pieces of trash! Where do they go?

Source: Real Diaper Association //

A plastic-diaper-wearing baby creates 2,000 pounds of garbage in just 2 years! CRAP! THAT’S A TON OF CRAP!

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