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Pre-Polluted Plastic

Plastic pollution is toxic to human health, even babies are born pre-polluted! Why add to the problem by putting your baby in plastic, disposable diapers?

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Pre-Polluted Plastic

Plastics and their additives aren’t just polluting our environment… they are polluting virtually every single one of us- present in our blood and urine: ingested with the food we eat, the water we drink and other sources… like plastic disposable diapers! Plastic pollution has gotten so bad that our babies are even born pre- polluted!

The chemicals that a mother is exposed to during pregnancy travel through the umbilical cord and directly into their unborn child. Researchers have found up to 300 contaminants in the blood of a baby's umbilical cord from industrial chemicals, consumer product ingredients, pesticides and pollutants from burning fossil fuels. In order to make the plastic for disposable diapers, fossil fuels like oil and gas are needed, which releases toxic emissions when extracted from the earth… this is adding to the contaminants a mother is exposed to while pregnant. Disposable diapers are harming your baby before they are even wearing them!

Lastly, toxic chemicals that leach out of plastic are found in the blood and tissue of nearly all of us. In the United States alone there are 27.4 billion plastic disposable diapers entering landfills annually… and buried beneath the thousands of landfills found in the US are toxic chemicals and pollutants from plastic, like diapers, that drain out and seep into our groundwater.

Our babies come into this world already polluted, so why not try to protect them once they are here… and not use plastic disposable diapers?

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